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Safety Standards


BusRental.com suppliers do state and federal inspections of all vehicles to ensure that you and your group have a reliable and safe bus rental to take care of all your transportation needs. We are confident that our suppliers vehicles can deliver our promise, and that is high-end service, luxury and comfort at every step of the way. Our suppliers stringent safety standards start with our suppliers vehicles. We offer the clean, late model and most comfortable vehicles in nationwide. Vehicles undergo regular maintenance and we fine-tune them to their best operating condition and top-running form before any of them leave our garage. Because of rigorous preventive maintenance, we limit the chances of having engine trouble or your bus break down in the middle of your trip.

Plus, we offer courteous, professional and well-trained drivers. All of BusRental.com’s vendors are required to go through an extensive set of driver training courses. Drivers have also agreed to undergo random alcohol and drug testing, as well as regular performance and safety reviews. Drivers also go through emergency training, Americans with Disabilities Act trainings, and all other relevant trainings. They are also trained to pre-inspect the vehicles that are going to be assigned to them, use accident prevention techniques while on the road, and handle bad roads and bad road conditions. It also helps that drivers know your route very well, enabling them to find alternative routes should there be traffic jams and other problems while on the road.

What’s more, BusRental.com complies with the United States Department of Transportation – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Motor Carrier Safety Status Measurement System. The USDOT-FMCSA SMS was designed by the government agency to provide automated and data driven analysis on the safety record of motor carriers on the road. BusRental.com, however, cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided by state and federal agencies.